Q: How does SPACE break down the academic year?
A: There are two semesters in an academic year.  Spring 2018 will end on 6/15. Fall 2018 starts 8/27 and ends 12/14 for After School Program. Note Chinese Language Classes start on 9/5.

Q: Can I sign up my child at any time during the academic year?
A: Yes. Class fees excluding book/material can be prorated.

Q: Is there a material and registration fee?
A: Material fees are included in the tuition price. There will be a one time, non-refundable registration fee of $50.  This is not included in tuition.

Q: Will my kids be given homework?
A: A manageable amount of homework will be given to children. 

Q: What is the student teacher ratio?
A: No more than 15 students to one teacher.  Please note for the cultural classes on Friday, the student teacher ratio may be higher than 15 students to one teacher.  

Q: Will my child be taught Chinese Bopomofo (ㄅㄆㄇㄈ)or Pinyin?
A:  In Simplified Chinese 1, Children will begin to learn Pinyin.  For Traditional Chinese 1, Children will learn word recognition.

Q: What is the goal of SPACE Chinese Classes?
A: We want to spark an interest in every child to learn Chinese. We use positive reinforcement, games activities and encouragement in all of our classes.  

Q: How are Chinese levels defined?
A: Intro to Chinese - Very little or no previous exposure to/experience with Chinese.
    Chinese 1 - Can speak/understand some Chinese, little experience with reading and or    writing.
    Chinese 2 - Fluent in speaking Chinese. Can read or write some characters.

Q: What is the difference between Simplified and Traditional Chinese?
A: Simplified Chinese characters are used in Mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore while Traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Simplified Chinese has less strokes than Traditional characters.