Amy Liu, 劉欣宇

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Amy is a 2nd generation American Born Chinese (ABC), fluent in Mandarin. Being a full-time working mom, she understands the constant struggle to balance it all.  Besides having a strong curriculum, she visions a fun, modern, hip space for children to be in after being at school all day.  At the same time, after a full day of work, she understands what parents would want at a minimum. Homework, spelling/vocab rehearsed, daily reading completed and a clean, fun environment to learn Mandarin Chinese. She also understands how convenient it would be to have a variety of additional programs and tutoring assistance all in one location.

"Being Chinese American, I truly wish for our future generations to learn Chinese and understand our heritage and culture. I know that with each generation, it's inevitable they will lose a little.  But I want to do what I can to help preserve this. My wish is to give our children a foundation so that they could potentially have more opportunities in the future and culturally, children can be proud of their background. I am passionate about sharing the Chinese culture to anyone and everyone who would like to learn."



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Jacqueline Wang, 王若菁

Jackie was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved to the United States to pursue her Master's in Finance and has worked in Corporate Accounting and Finance.  As a working mom with two young children, she looked for a one-stop after school tutoring center with quality enrichment programs including Chinese language.  She struggled to find a place in our neighborhood that met her expectations and standards.  So instead, she decided to co-start SPACE where the goal is to provide children an environment to learn the Chinese language, art, music and many others, all in one place.  "My wish is to be able to provide a unique service to the community where children can learn Chinese and those who are of Chinese heritage can grow up to appreciate their background and at the same time excel in regular school academics and extra curricular activities."



SPACE Leadership

Jackie and Amy bring different but valuable perspectives to SPACE.  Jackie, being born in Taipei, Taiwan has a deep understanding of the cultural aspect and the language.  She understands the upbringing and academics there.  Her husband is ethnically Hispanic, which brings another added benefit and personal understanding to many of our families who are bi-racial/multi-cultural.

Amy being second generation Chinese and born in the US, understands the children who have parents who just immigrated here but are being raised in the States.  She also understands the hardships parents face in trying to get their children to speak Mandarin and at the same time can comprehend the "ABC" children and the dichotomy they face with being ethnically Chinese while growing up in an American environment. 

By combining our knowledge and experience, we have a space where we will be working closely together with our families to provide a strong foundation for our children.